Valenra R'sovo


Description: Val is a half viera-succubus… sweet in personality but hurt her she’ll make you regret it, her favorite color is yellow, and occasionally purple, she likes warm weather, and to sit in the sun for hours, cuddles, and over all likes people who are nice, and respectful. She’s secretive of her past, and doesn’t talk about it, very loyal to those she considers friends, and even closer to those she considers family.

Full Name: Valenra R'sovo
Nickname(s): Val, Cherry
Sex: Female
Gender: Bigender
Pronouns: They/Them (She/Her are accepted), so is Princess~
Age: 23 (real age is a secret- but she’s older~)
Sexual Orientation: Straight- Monogamous
Relationship Status: single
Friendship Status: Always open
Father: R’sovo Tia- Incubus
Mother: Aleira Kisne [Rava]

Occupation(s): Dancer/courtesan, Photographer, occasional explorer.
Likes: Sweets, hugs, cuddles, attention, music, painting, animals, plushies
Dislikes: Rude/disrespectful people, know-it all’s, people who don’t respect boundaries, liars, and spiders.
Preferences: Hellsguard Roegadyn, Au ra, Elezen, Highlander, Hrothgar.
Negatives: Blunt, Closed off, Opinionated, Hot-Headed, Man-Eater~Quotes:“My natural hair color is blonde, but I dye it red. Red isn’t mistaken for dumb.”“They call me weird, but they spell Limited Edition wrong.”“I’ll not be picked for my beauty like picking a flower. I will be wild, difficult to learn of, and impossible to forget.”“I never wanted to be Cherry,. It just happened,. Cherry feels like an imposter, replacing Valenra.”

Backstory: Love is like a flame. It starts as a spark and then you feed it, and it grows more. And then if you feed it too much it dies. Slowly suffocating, slowly dying, and both people are dying inside. Staying for the sake of the other because the other is the best they’ve ever known. And are scared to say goodbye.
Their pitiful expensive love is what I feed off of, their sexual frustrations, their burning desires, down to the last burning ember. Even better when they’re single and get attached to yours truly, me, myself, and I. I’m no stranger to the addictions to love and emotions running high, it makes life more lively in my opinion, more tolerable even,...and the night much more interesting,. If you ask me I love it when a young man is new to the night side of things,... his innocence and naivety taste absolutely delicious, even more so if he turns out to be a virgin.
My name is Valenra R’sovo, you may call me Val,...or Cherry as some people have called me. Yes, my surname is that of a seeker of the sun miqo'te, my father looks like your average seeker of the sun, with auburn red hair and piercing eyes. He of course is an incubus that had a one night stand with my mother, who lived in limsa at the time,...she a ginger haired, light grayed skin viera rava,.And I, Val, am a half viera-succubus… cat like eyes, ginger hair, pale gray skin, and a long black tail. With magic I can make the horns I have go invisible from the sight of others…sometimes they get annoying to have when I get a haircut or my hair grows out in a weird position,...I don’t have memories of my father, he left before I was born, and my mother works tirelessly for her clothing line. And what do I do? You guessed it! I sell myself to people of the night, those who are lonely, or looking for company. It's my favorite hobby, other than doing photo shoots on the side or modeling, or making magazine covers for people. I like living on a more unpredictable side, the thrill of the possibilities of what could happen gets the blood pumping through my veins and I just love it.
Some say it’s an addiction, maybe it is, but it’s not killed me yet. It's not hurt me at all, so I don’t see it as a problem if it’s done nothing but bring me pleasure. Whether it’s in a more dangerous part of a random city I’m in, or an underground bar, or a club owned by a mob, if it has bodies, I’ll be there. And if you see me, say hi, I don’t bite~ well…unless asked.

Keep your personal shit out of IC RP. Do Not Cross IC and OOC together.
This MY rule. And the Backstory is not known IC, please don’t metagame.

Mob Boss

maybe your character is an underground Mob Boss who’s heard of the half viera with fiery red hair and has come to see for themself

Voidsent/Demonic character

maybe your character is a voidsent or a demonic creature of some kind- who comes across her- whether in a bar, nightclub, etc.

Garlean character

Maybe your character is from Garlemald and is interested in wanting to meet the ginger half breed- as hearing of her from other Garleans when she visited Garlemald

My rp/erp style consists of sentences. I have ADHD.

300k an hour for SFW. (Private dance, pillow and girlfriend services.)
600k an hour for NSFW. (NSFW private dance and courtesan services.)
4mil for buyoutI also offer NSFW gposes for 300k for 3 photos, pre-made Anamnesis poses.~Off hours
Sfw: girlfriend-date package 500k for 3 hours.
Nsfw: girlfriend-date package with the night ending in passion~
1mil for 3 hours.
Off hours notice: I will wear whatever you like depending on the package you want~Kinks: there’s a link that says ListI WILL not stray from my list, what you see is set in stone. The No’s are a HARD No.

Photography Commissions: OPEN- click the heart below for my portfolio
Please reach out to me in game or through discord if interested
(Contains sfw and nsfw photos)
Discord: Banshei